Sunrise Searching in Northumberland

After my adventures working for P&O Cruises, I often miss waking up to the sound of Arcadia docking in a different country each morning. Sometimes, if I’d been working in an exhausted haze until 4am, (usually editing out cheeky bra straps from the evenings formal shoot) I wouldn’t know where I was in the world before my feet touched land. An exciting lifestyle, but tiring!

I’ve being working ‘on land’ for two years, and even though I’ve been lucky to see so much of the world, my desire to travel is just as strong as ever. Naturally, when my grandparents invited me on a trip to Northumberland earlier this month I didn’t hesitate to say YES PLEASE. A week away from Wakefield, whoop whoop! (hey, I love Wakefield, but sometimes what I love most is returning home to it once I’ve been away).

The most striking thing about Northumberland for me was the space. Never-ending oceans of space, sporadically broken up by the odd church and quaint village. I felt like we’d passed a County worth of fields and trees before reaching our cottage at Christon Bank (oh it was pretty).

We decided to get our walking boots on and trek across one of these fields when we got there. Embleton was our neighbouring village, just under a mile away (or so the rickety old signposts would have you believe), and the sun was out – a perfect excuse for a walk.

Wanting to be one with nature I momentarily forgot about my pollen allergy. Until twenty minutes in when I couldn’t swallow. Luckily, a Londis wasn’t far away. This meant Benedryl. The saviour of all hay fever sufferers. I can’t help but think they all have it on a drip up there, the pollen count is OFF THE CHART.


Stopping for a drink at The Greys Inn, a smallish but loud man shouted over to me. I get it a lot from fellow photography enthusiasts, I’m guilty of asking the same – ‘WHAT LENS IS THAT LIKE??’

Turned out this guy, Andy, was the owner of Greys Inn, as well as being the local photographer and owner of the nearest taxi service (this was your typical northern village after all). He was also mortified that I hadn’t brought a tripod.

‘WHAT? You’re staying so close to Embelton beach, home to the UK’s BEST sunrise, and you haven’t brought one? Lordy lordy.’

Before I could reply he ran away. Five minutes later I found out why, he’d been to his car to get his old tripod for me.

‘Here, take this. Don’t bring it back until you’ve seen Embelton beach at 4.30am.’

It surprised me that he’d trust a complete stranger with his equipment (cue blatant suggestive winks from my sister) but I accepted it happily. I did as he instructed and went to Embleton beach two days in a row at 4am. Unfortunately both days were a bit cloudy and I didn’t capture the sky at its blazing red best. But still, I was happy with what I got, thanks to Andy’s help 🙂


Below are a couple more pictures from my adventure away, can’t wait to do some more traveling!